Every Bottlenose website comes with an Admin Control Panel.

To access your Admin Control Panel, open a browser on your computer and insert your website address followed by /admin/login Ex: www.yourdomain.com/admin/login. You will then be prompted to insert your Username and Password as illustrated.

After you have inserted your Username / Password, your Main Menu Panel appears

non-ecommerce website menu

Notice, the non-ecommerce does not have links to Orders / Items / Shipping Setup

Below is an outline of what you can do once you select a menu link:

  • Customers - can search for a customer, create a customer, review / edit a customer’s set up information, download the customer list, upload a customer list, show inactive list
  • Orders (e-commerce sites) - search for orders,review / edit orders, write notes about an order, view / change shipping status, print packing list, view / edit customer profile information, view credit card status (charged / not charged yet), charge credit card (depositing funds into your merchant bank account)
  • Items (e-commerce sites) - view how many items are for sale, search for an item, manage Item Groups, upload an inventory file (view when most recent file was uploaded to Bottlenose), view your item list (can sort by a variety of methods such as by Category or Varietal), review / edit recently added items, review / edit items which had recent Item Management by Bottlenose staff
  • Shipping Setup (e-commerce sites) - Set Shipping Box Costs: view / edit shipping container costs by bottle size, quantity, and cost. These costs are added to shipping charges. Set Ship to States: view / edit 50 USA states to receive orders from. Each state has a drop down menu to filter the type of orders to receive as illustrated below:

  • View Traffic Reports (from Google Analytics) - view / drill down by date (s) and geographical location, detailed information on Visitors (how many, # pageviews, time on site, etc), Traffic Sources (direct, referring, search engines), Content (how visitors found site, entrance paths, keyword entrance, sources, etc), Goals (create goals, review results), E-commerce(products sold ((sort by quantity or revenue)) overview, conversion rate, # of transactions, average order value, # of purchased products, etc)
  • Email Marketing - create a campaign, view and edit pending / nonactive campaigns, view past campaigns and their results including transaction & dollar sales details
  • Calendar - create events & tastings write-ups to be posted to site, view past events & tastings
  • Articles - create articles to be posted to site, view articles already posted
  • Site Content - make your own changes to your site. Available categories to adjust: About Us, Checkout Shipping Message, Email Receipt, Email Signup, Futures Terms & Conditions, Home Page Welcome, Page Message, Pickup Message, Product Disclaimer, Shipping Policy, Shopping Cart Message, Store Hours
  • Navigation Content - add information / content to item categories and product regions, view / edit existing content
  • File Manager - save images and PDF files here for insertion into your site
  • Account Management - create, edit, and delete email user accounts and email aliases
  • Your Preferences - change passwords, edit email whitelist, vacation email notification
  • Help - view F.A.Q.’s, tutorials, and site configuration instructions
  • Request New Feature - submit new feature and change requests with the provided form