Many website Providers are the making the transition from processing credit cards manually to the safer and more efficient Payment Gateway method. Effective early 2009, Bottlenose made standard the installation of the Verifone PAYWare Connect Payment Gateway onto new customer websites. This Verifone product is PCI Compliant.

As a customer places an order online, the Payment Gateway checks the credit card for bank acceptance and for any filters such as AVS (Address Verification System) that the merchant has requested. If approved, the order is placed into the merchant’s Admin Control Panel under the Orders Placed area. There, all pertinent information to process an order is presented.

● Bill To / Ship To address ● Shipping Method ● Payment Method ● Transaction Status ● Item (s) ordered information ● any Gift Notes to add ● any special shipping instructions to apply ● shipping charges

Note: Excluded is the customer’s credit card number, which is stored by the Payment Gateway.

Approving the credit card does not mean that it has been charged. At Bottlenose, the standard set up is to present funds that have been Authorized. This means that the card has not been charged yet. Instead, the customer’s bank has placed a hold for the order total, subtracting that amount from the customer’s available credit line. Once the merchant has verified / edited the order and is ready to ship, then he / she can click on the link (click to capture). This action results in having the credit card charged and funds deposited into the merchant’s bank account.

Pricing & Fees

Payment Gateway set up and ongoing Gateway transactions fees (up to 300 transactions per month) are paid by Bottlenose. MOTO (mail order / telephone order aka card not present) fees are paid by the customer. Bottlenose has special base published rates with select Merchant Service Providers who are compatible with the Verifone Payment Gateway. Visa / MC / Discover: 2.29% plus $.20 transaction for Mid-Qualified / rewards credit cards, 2.99% plus $.20 transaction for Non-Qualified / Corporate credit cards. American Express: $.20 transaction plus standard American Express rates. Additionally, there is a $.05 per transaction AVS fee, $5.00 Monthly Statement fee

Admin Control Panel Screen Shots

What follows are some Admin Control Panel order processing screen shots to serve as an illustration of the provided written overview.