What we do: We build e-commerce (with a shopping cart) websites for Fine Wine & Spirits Merchants. After the site is built, a minimum twelve month ongoing support and maintenance service begins.

What we need before starting development: Before development can start, we need the following:

  • signed contract
  • payment / deposit (if Custom HomePage)
  • domain name
  • logo
  • approved by Bottlenose inventory file
  • if Custom HomePage website, need the custom designed Home Page file (prefer Adobe Photoshop) from the designer

How long does it take: Typically, a Pre-Designed HomePage websites takes 30 - 40 days from the date that we have all of the above points. A Custom HomePage website ranges from 90 days - 150 days.

For those retailers just starting: A number of our customers elect to start with a Pre-Designed HomePage website and then later upgrade to a Custom HomePage website. Bottlenose will credit your Pre-Designed HomePage site development fee towards a Custom HomePage product if new contract paperwork is received within twelve months.

What is included in developing a website: (see Standard Platform for more details) In general, Bottlenose will set up your site for you. Included in the process are:

  • posting your wine, spirits, beer, and accessories items for you (see Item Management for more details)
  • set up all navigation and search links - everything from Shop Wine, to Articles, to Shipping Policies, etc
  • set up the shopping cart - install major carrier (Fed Ex / UPS / or DHL) shipping rates, add handling fee’s, add sales tax, integrate with states approved to ship to
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • set up Google Analytical Reports
  • create Admin Control Panel
  • install SSL secure certificate and transfer domain for administration
  • assist set up of internal email accounts

Next steps from here: We suggest that you check out some of our current customer sites, our products, and our options. Once familiar, please fill out the Get Started questionnaire.