Our carts are “smart”: Every Bottlenose developed website comes with a shopping cart.

Our shopping cart’s are “smart” because they accept alcohol orders based on merchant approved Ship To states. Orders including non-alchoholic, aka Local items (cheese, food, cigars, gift baskets), are integrated into the shopping cart as well.

What is standard: Bottlenose queries each merchant for their shopping cart set-up rules and details. Once established, Bottlenose will set-up the merchants shopping cart as prescribed.

Standard Set Up

  • Pick Up at store delivery option
  • one major carrier - Fed Ex / UPS / DHL
  • for carrier delivery, merchant can choose any or all: Ground, Next Day, Second Day
  • install the merchant selected major carrier’s shipping rates, add in Age Verification charge as standard
  • Ship To states, using as a default some of the approved states published by the carrier. Note: merchant is solely responsible for complying with any / all shipping laws. Merchant has ability to adjust states in his Admin Control Panel.
  • any Handling Fees - as outlined by merchant to Bottlenose. Note: Consumer does not see the extra charge for Handling. The Shipping charge field combines carrier rate, Age Verification, and Handling
  • Shipping & Privacy Policies. Note: Bottlenose has standard policies for the merchant to review and advise Bottlenose of any adjustments prior to posting.
  • Credit Cards to be accepted. Merchant can choose any / all: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

Standard Features

  • automatically calculates shipping & handling charges
  • sales tax is automatically charged for in-state orders
  • the shopping cart automatically applies a merchants flat rate percentage discount for mixed case orders. On-sale items are automatically excluded
  • the shopping cart allows the consumer to enter a shipping zip code and get the various rates based on the items currently in the cart, which is updated as the contents change.
  • for secure transactions, uses Starfield 128-bit SSL secure certificate
  • consumer creates their own password protected account
  • consumer can have different Bill To and Ship to addresses. Shopping Cart calculates based on Ship To state
  • shopping cart remembers consumers existing credit card, offers ability to use a new card
  • by default, consumer is sent a “Thank you for your order” email
  • by default, consumer is sent a shipping confirmation email when merchant marks an order as shipped
  • merchant can view pending and shipped order history - from their Admin Control Panel