With a Custom HomePage website, you get a turnkey e-commerce website with a custom home page design that is proprietary to you. Typically within 90 - 120 days from receipt of your custom home page “layered shell”, logo file, domain transfer, and POS item inventory file, Bottlenose has your site built, set up, and ready to take orders. Includes posting all of your items for you using Bottlenose Item Management practices.

You can bring us an existing home page design or work with one of our Designers to create one for you. Either way, you receive a home page that reflects the look, colors, words, layout, navigation, links, and features that you want. See below Bottlenose customer home page examples:

www.kdwines.com (NY) www.ultimatewineshop.com (NJ) www.argonautliquor.com (CO) www.nicholasrobertsltd.com (CT) www.webwine.com (CA)

Unlike the Bottlenose Pre-Designed HomePage website, you have maximum flexibility to customize, add features, and make changes to the Bottlenose Custom HomePage website. Non-standard features or customizations are permitted in the site development stage as well as after your site has been built. Note: Sometimes customer requested features / customizations fall outside of the Bottlenose Standard Platform for a Custom HomePage website. Altering interior shop or results pages and adding video or flash are examples on Non-Standard Platform features. Bottlenose will advise customer prior to performing work, prompting customer to complete a Feature Request Form. Bottlenose reviews and responds in writing with a quote, which is stated in Bottlenose currency entitled Developer Points.


  • Custom look and layout. Customer to provide Bottlenose with LOGO. Note: if using a Bottlenose Designer, will provide customer with a Guide questionnaire to complete and then start process with Designer. Three rounds of revisions are included. Additional revisions incur extra charges to be quoted / billed in Developer Points. If Bottlenose is installing a design provided by you, will forward to our Designer to have a layered file created. From there, goes to programming.
  • From your approved design “shell”, Bottlenose programs all of your home page navigation, features, links, etc. to function and sets up your site for you.
  • Can customize shopping cart. Standard cart set up includes: Pick Up at Store, local delivery, and one carrier - Fed Ex or UPS, ability to specify online order processing by type: wines by states, spirits and beer local and at store delivery only, non-alcohol items to all states. Also standard is setting up one flat rate mixed case discount, accepting Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discovery credit cards, automatically calculating carrier shipping rates by zip code, adult signature, adding sales tax for in- state orders, adding handing (box / labor) and insurance fees, and providing Special Shipping Instructions and gift notes comments sections.
  • Bottlenose posts and classifies all of your items (wine, spirits, beer, food, tobacco, accessories, etc.) with icons for you, applying the Bottlenose Item Management process.
  • Bottlenose keeps your items updated for you. Can submit new inventory files any time of day and as often as you wish. Changes (pricing, quantity, deletions) to existing items are reflected on your website almost immediately. New items are processed by Bottlenose Item Specialist staff per Item Management standards.
  • Your items and their navigation link(s) are dynamic. They appear or disappear based on the most recent inventory file received for Bottlenose to post.
  • You have the ability to upload images, add descriptions, and tasting notes on your own. Any information or image provided by you stays local to your site, as long as that information or image is not available using the Bottlenose Item Management process.
  • Order Processing done by the Verifone’s IPCharge Payment Gateway to verify and capture funds to your merchant account, check card for fraud
  • Manage home page feature boxes, site content, navigation content, orders, items, shipping set up, customer lists, and more from your web based, password protected Admin Control Panel.
  • Site comes with Google Analytical Reports System. Provides detailed visitor, traffic, content, and sales information.
  • Your branding, header with main navigation links, and footer information links are continued throughout your site.
  • Your custom home page, any unique intellectual property you provide, and your customer list information are your proprietary property. If you work with a Bottlenose Designer, a disk of your final approved “shell” can be sent to you.
  • Consumers have the ability to send to a friend / share / bookmark an item. Can write cellar notes on wine items.
  • Continual basic Search Engine Optimization provided by Bottlenose. Includes inventory feeds to vertical search engines wine-searcher.com and Google Product Search
  • Included are training and responsive support via telephone and email to your point person


  • Ability to add special features such as Flash / Media / Animated GIF’s / interactive maps
  • Have complete flexibility regarding image size, color palette, the naming, number, and placement of: feature boxes, product links, information links
  • Retailer has a unique identity and opportunity to present his vision / strategy

Best for

  • Retailers desiring to differentiate themselves from their competition
  • Retailers with an existing website that is not performing or functioning to expectations
  • Merchants who want full access to make changes and customizations to their site


  • $5,595 Setup - includes posting 750 of your items for you, applying Bottlenose Item Management, at no extra charge. Note: there is no price discount for home page designs provided by customer, not using Bottlenose Designer.
  • $395/month maintenance & support for a twelve month period - includes at no charge maintaining up to 750 items
  • Extra Items Posting Charge for each 250 item increment above the base 750 items: a) one time $75.00 fee and b) add $75.00 to the base monthly service fee
  • Bottlenose does NOT charge transaction, bandwidth, or volume fees

Monthly Pricing Chart

# of Items for Sale on Website

Extra Monthly Fee

Total Monthly Cost
750 included $395
1000 $75 $470
1250 $75 $545
1500 $75 $620
1750 $75 $695
2000 $75 $770
2250 $75 $845
2500 $75 $920
2750 $75 $995
3000 $75 $1070

The pricing chart lists the corresponding monthly service fee for up to 3000 items. Same principal applies if there are more than 3,000 items. Monthly fee would increase by $75 for each additional 250 item increment.

Note: Bottlenose posts in your Admin Control Panel how many items you have available for sale on your website. Bottlenose only counts items which have their own BN# assigned. Items that are available in a variety of sizes such as a wine that is available in 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1.5 L sizes or a beer available in 6 pack, 12 pack, and case sizes; would only count as one item for each.

Findings Note: Bottlenose has found that many customers do not place their entire brick & mortar store inventory online. In fact, numerous Bottlenose customers have online sales annual online sales between $500,000 - $2,000,000 with only 1500 - 2200 items.