To simplify the quoting and administration of retailer requests for custom work and changes, Bottlenose created Developer Points. Sold individually and in packages, Developer Points are used to pay for completed extra fee work. For calculation purposes, Bottlenose categorizes tasks by type and assigns a minute to dollar value that is then equated to one (1) Developer Point.

As a general rule, only Custom HomePage websites are permitted to purchase Developer Points. Developer Points are available for purchase at any time and have no expiration date. Some customers purchase in advance while others wait until a custom or change work order is upon them. Customer monthly statements include an accounting of any used and remaining Developer Points.

Most requests for changes / customizations are doable, including adding extra fee special features, such as, flash, video, banners, or special interactive maps.


  • Quoting retailer work order request costs in Developer Points, instead of dollars and cents
  • Work requests are easy. Fill out the “Feature Request” form found in your Admin Control Panel 
  • For projects with an estimated six (6) or more Developer Point cost, a sign-off Work Order process is utilized. Work does not begin until you sign-off / agree with the stated description details, cost, and completion timeline.
  • Typical completion timelines are 5 business days for six (6) and under Developer Point cost projects and 10 business days for seven (7) through twelve (12). Special “Rush” requests cost double the standard rate
  • No expiration date on any unused purchased Developer Points
  • For cost calculation purposes, Developer Point requests are categorized into four groups: Programming, HTML/Graphic, Database/Data Entry, and consultation
  • Support - Bottlenose continues to support the functionality of the feature should some “bugs” develop
  • Training - Bottlenose walks you through how to use any new features built for you. Note: some features, such as adding discount routines, do not require any assistance. They just work. Others, have a special place in your Admin Control Panel that require you to provide information / take steps, before the feature works. This is where Bottlenose will make sure you know where to find it, what you need to prepare, and how to use it.


  • Simplifies quoting and administration
  • By purchasing in advance, assists non-owner Point Persons who know that they have upcoming customizations / changes and want ability to move forward without waiting to find the owner / finance permission contact
  • Your monthly statements include any invoiced Developer Points and provides a balance available
  • Customer and Bottlenose know what is expected, what it will cost, and when it will be ready
  • Customer is happy - has new feature, is shown how to use it, paid what was expected


  • Each price: $75
  • Twelve (12) Point Package price: $600 ($50.00 per point)
  • Billing: Programming 1 Point for every twenty minutes, HTML / Graphic 1 Point for every thirty minutes, Database / data entry 1 Point for every sixty minutes, Consultation 1 Point for every thirty minutes

Bottlenose reserves the right to decline or defer requests that would materially limit the ability of Bottlenose to service their other customers. All work, features, programming, created / performed by Bottlenose, other than design changes made to a Custom Home Page shell, remain with Bottlenose to use at their discretion.