Every Bottlenose e-commerce website comes with search and navigation optimization, specific for the wine & spirit industry. Many facets are taken into account to achieve optimum performance: organizing, creating all encompassing product search tables, practicing search engine friendly principles, custom meta tag configuration, targeted keywords for each of your items, traffic reporting, and much more.

Wine & Spirits optimizing and organizing is an ongoing constant process. Daily updates and adjustments are required. What works today does not always work tomorrow. Major search engines like Google regularly change their algorithms.

The goals are to make sure that consumers can find your site, that your page ranking is near the top, and that consumer shopping / browsing on your site is a breeze.

Below are highlights of our search and navigation techniques.

  1. Perform Search Engine Optimization more ....
  2. Perform Item Management on all items more ....
  3. Organize all wine items by: Country, appellation, region, varietal, and vintage
  4. Provide Advance Search and Simple Search
  5. Feed your inventory to vertical search engines: wine-searcher.com, Google Product Search, Triggit
  6. Present complete Browsing categories that are dynamic in nature - only showing browsing categories and items that are in stock. Your site reflects the most recent inventory file submitted.

Wine Navigation Browsing Example Spirits Navigation Browsing Example