Bottlenose - Frequently Asked Questions

I need to transfer my domain to Bottlenose. How do I do this?

Before Bottlenose initiates the domain transfer, you must complete the following steps. You will need to contact your current domain registrar (,,, or other provider) for further instructions.

  1. Confirm that you are listed as the Administrative Contact for the domain. Make sure that the email address listed is one that you check regularly, as further instructions will be emailed there. Change the email address if necessary.
  2. Confirm that the domain is unlocked. Some registrars will allow you to lock the domain and automatically deny all transfers. If this is turned on, you must turn this off so that the domain can be transferred.
  3. Obtain your domain Authorization Code and email it to This Code proves that you can authorize the domain transfer.
  4. When these three steps are complete, Bottlenose will initiate the domain transfer. You will receive an email at the address you verified in step 1. This email will contain a Transaction ID and Security Code. Send this to to complete the domain transfer.

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