Basic Website

Local customer focus and engagement.

Pre-Designed non-eCommerce website for Fine Wine & Spirits merchants. Includes all of the tools you need to build your local business.

Bottlenose initially sets up your website

Your domain, branding, items, and information are powered by a proven Bottlenose platform and ready-made template website.

Site can be ready in 5 - 15 days

100% Item Management
from Bottlenose

We do research on all of your Items. Our trained staff will find tasting notes, descriptions, images, and critic reviews for all of your items. We specialize in WINE, SPIRITS, and BEER, but we'll find info for any item you include in your inventory file.

$495 set-up

from $100 mo

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  • SHOP: Your customers can browse and shop at their convenience - 24 hours a day / seven days a week.
  • PROMOTE: Find new customers and engage existing customer with the built-in Events & Tasting Calendar System, Email Marketing System, links to / from your social media accounts.
  • PUBLISH: Write an unlimited amount of content and upload an unlimited number of images and files for use throughout the website. Comes with an Articles System too.